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Month: March 2016

Women on the Front Lines Fighting Fracking in the Bakken Oil Shale Formations

There are some crystalline moments in which the challenges we face as a civilization become brutally clear. Moments in which corrupt aspects of American democracy and the fractures in our social, economic and political systems are exposed with unsurpassed clarity. Moments in which we are reminded of how fundamentally ruptured our dominant culture’s relationship with the Earth has become and in which we see before our eyes how this split has led to almost unfathomable acts of violence against the Earth, against women and against the original inhabitants of North America. Standing on the sweeping, golden prairie of North...

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Meet the Indigenous Leaders, from Navajo Nation and beyond, who took a stand for Indigenous Rights at COP21

Last month I had the honor and privilege of teaming up with the Indigenous Environmental Network at the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris to amplify the Indigenous Rising campaign and the voices and stories of the IEN delegation, which included over 20 Indigenous leaders, youth, artists, activists and educators from Turtle Island, also known as North America. My role during the two weeks of COP21 was multifaceted: I was supporting IEN’s communications efforts, I was participating in direct actions shooting video and taking photos, and I was there as the Sustainability and Justice Fellow of Resource Media, strengthening relationships...

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